OLinuxino PPP support

Started by Dragomir, January 16, 2013, 01:24:21 PM

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Hi, I want to use this OLinuxino board as GPRS gateway, but unfortunately the latest ArcLinux image from http://archlinuxarm.org/ doesn't include ppp* kernel modules. It is weird, because it includes pppd service, as well as bunch of man pages, but no ppp modules. Firstly I thought I could compile these modules myself, but the kernel is build with this compiler:
(gcc version 4.7.1 20120721 (prerelease) (GCC) ), which I can't find.
The image itself includes GCC 4.7.2. Can anyone provide me with either link to GCC 4.7.1 20120721 compiler toolchain, or GCC 4.7.2 compiled kernel.

Thank you,


Hi Dragomir,

I use gcc v4.7.2 for olinuxino kernel compilation. It is availabe in Archlinux in AUR in cross-arm-none-eabi-gcc package (required are also cross-arm-none-eabi-binutils and cross-arm-none-eabi-gdb).

Compilation of this cross-compiler toolchain is pretty time consuming, so I have all three necessarry packages as .pkg.tar.xz files (for x86-64 Archlinux). Please let my know if you're intrested, I could upload them when I reach my home pc


Hi micign,
Unfortunately, I use x86-32 Archlinux. I could use Code Sourcery Lite for compiling the kernel, once you assemble the instructions.