Really need a µSD image with USB-Ethernet support

Started by laurent, December 20, 2012, 11:48:27 PM

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I have the USB-Ethernet dongle from Olimex still unusable with my Olinuxino Micro, even with the work-in-progress 3.7 kernel :-\

I am very sad to see that you sell a very good and cheap Linux platform such the Olinuxino Micro, totally unusable out of the box, because without anything to transfert cross-compiled programs.

Making programs with vi and compiling them onto the Micro is not a viable solution for any serious program.

Olimex :
You recently post a modified version with WiFi support, so, PLEASE, post another version with your USB-Ethernet dongle support sold on the Micro page !!!
I saw the source of Asix controller which complies with kernel 2.6.14 and earlier (

I don't need Ethernet for my target application, so the design of Micro is just perfect, but I strongly need Ethernet to develop on this Micro.


I copied this from the A13 forum, it works for iMX233 Debian as well:

You can use this to emulate Debian and install stuff directly to the SD card using your PC.  I hope this helps to get you up and running for now, until a better solution comes around.

mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt
apt-get install qemu-user-static
cp -a /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static /mnt/usr/bin/

mount -t proc proc /mnt/proc
mount -t sysfs sysfs /mnt/sys
mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev

chroot /mnt /bin/bash

At this point, you will be in a chroot prompt, and in effect you are now making changes to your a13/imx233 system, not your computer.

apt-get update

And whatever other housekeeping you want to do before boot.

When you're done and ready to get things going on the embedded side:

umount /mnt/proc
umount /mnt/sys
umount /mnt/dev
umount /mnt

You'll probably have something that's being annoying and locking the card, so rebooting is probably the prudent option.


Quote from: laurent on December 20, 2012, 11:48:27 PM

Making programs with vi and compiling them onto the Micro is not a viable solution for any serious program.

Why it's a problem into imx233 with no GUI ?
And on Axx (with no GUI) ?

I saw ecb (emacs-browser) for dev in interface without X.



I have received recently Olinuxino imx233 micro + ethernet usb adaptator from Olimex.
And everything works fine.

- I have first created an Archlinux installation on an SD card using the following guidelines :

Image used is the latest one which was available (from January the 17th, 2013) :

- Then I managed to connect to a console using the usb serial cable from Olimex :
power on the board ;
connect :
RX : red : pin 1
TX : green : pin 2
Ground : blue : pin 3
Finaly, connect the usb plug.

A console can now be launched on /dev/ttyUSB0
For instance if you're using a linux machine you can use minicom or screen :
screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

You should now be able to see the boot sequence, and login as root (root is also the password)
It's a regular bash shell.
In order to quit the console you can use "ctrl-A-Z"

- And finaly in order to set up the network, I have followed up the following guidelines :

I am now able to see the olinuxino micro on the network, and to connect to it using ssh.