PIC-Web UART to TCP bridge not working properly

Started by malasadik, November 30, 2016, 12:06:29 PM

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Hi I am using the pic-web rev.c to make a uart to tcp bridge using the olimex provided demo app and I am having issues with sending hex values. When I connect to the telnet connection on port 9761 I can send my command 0x88 0xff but it shows up in the UART serial terminal with 88 FF FF. It adds one 0xff to it and it only does this if I send 0xff at the end of a command. When I transmit from the UART I receive 88 and it cuts off the 0xff at the end. I have been through the code but I cannot figure out where this is happening. Any help is appreciated.


This doesn't happen here when we use puTTY and the default demo with slight modification.

Are you using the default demo? It is kind of one-way communication by default since the UART is used for the web page demo; you need to comment out "WEBPAGE_DEMO_UART" in "HWP OLIMEX_PIC_WEB.h" to enable the two-way UART bridge.

Can you also test with another terminal program?

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