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Noob question

Started by tareumlaneuchie, May 08, 2015, 01:53:18 AM

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Just got my dev. board from Amazon, and followed the instructions from your blog entry on uploading arguing sketches... Which does not seem to work.

I installed the driver for the USB2Serial (based on PL2303) cable and rebooted my Mac. I can see /dev/tty.usbserial just fine. I can't seem to upload the sketch to the board while pressing and holding (even pressing and releasing) the button and inserting the 5V power supply.

I then tried to connect via 'screen' at various baud rates (9600, 115200, 57600 and 76800) but all I get is garbage.

Last bit is when I connect to the device as an AP mode, I can't seem to get any page to be displayed (but I do get an IP) at

I have not attempted to modify the jumpers, but I am not so sure that I need to either.

Any help is welcome.


Sorry, I should be more specific: this is the error message in the Arduino IDE: "warning: espcomm_cmd: cant receive slip payload data""

Any help is welcome.