Also troubles with AVR-ISP-MKii

Started by Matthijs, November 11, 2016, 10:09:14 PM

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As many other users i have also troubles with this AVR-ISP-MKii programmer...
Upgrade / downgrade of the firmware didn't solve anything and after this the driver doesn't work correctly anymore.
As the information shows it should be a equivalent programmer for the original Atmel programmer.

I have also the original programmer and when connect this one all tasks can be done without any issue. Connect the Olimex programmer nothing works. Even in AVR studio (7), as in Bascom, no task can be done so in my opinion it isn't equivalent for the Atmel version.

If someone has an idea, i would like to hear, but as i see the list of problems i think it isn't a simple product as the Atmel version.

Really disappointed.



What Windows version exactly do you use?

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