stk500 and avr studio does not work

Started by tcbob, October 19, 2016, 03:54:05 PM

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Using the STK500 programmer.

When I go to program I get the following error message
Detected Micro does not match selected micro ATmeg8A

I am using the ATmeg8A chip, verified.
Program compiles fine.

USB driver for has been loaded and when I look in the device manager it looks like driver is loaded.
Olimex Virtual com AVR-ISP500 (com2)

Here is message from programming window.
don't seem able to insert imag to show output?

Using the free version of Bascom Studio

Compiler version :
Compiler build   :
IDE version      :
Serial number    :Serial  DEMO
Windows OS       :Windows 7 Professional
Windows SP       :Service Pack 1
Company          :Microsoft
Owner            :support
Windows dir      :C:\Windows
App data dir     :C:\Users\bobw\AppData\Local\MCS Electronics\BASCOM-AVR
System dir       :C:\Windows\system32