U-boot - need a different storage medium- EVB

Started by pradeepsysargus, July 10, 2016, 02:14:14 pm

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For RT5350F-OlinuXino- EVB,
I know that it is using SPI NAND flash to boot from initially. I think the initial u-boot is also located in SPI NAND/NOR flash.

In a board we are designing, we have a different flash, mostly a NOR Flash. We are designing this board taking EVB as reference design.
I donot know how to load the u-boot to this new NOR flash with a new part number.
We have SD-Card slot and an MMC card slot on the board.
Is there a way I can program a SD card or MMC card with u-boot firmware? How do I make sure that this u-boot recognizes the same SDRAM(256Mbit size) that is on our board ?



I think you need write
- Put "uboot" bootloader on SD card with tools programme( dd , board .. etc).
- In OpenWRT, may be change rt5350.dts and OLINUXINO-RT5350F.dts for SPI partition & pin for SD detection.

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