How to get started with LPC1766-STK dev board olimex

Started by, August 08, 2016, 07:57:16 AM

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I just got a LPC1766-STK dev board from olimex and gone through this user manual.
Can u help me with how to get started with the board and which is the software that can be used to get it working? could u help me with the necessary software to debug the code and dump it on same and few example programs as well.
Another problem is that i'm connecting a A to B USB_converter cable and i have made the jumper settings 5-6 short so that it can be powered up using a USB_DEV it turns on, but when i connect it to my PC none of the hardware gets detected what do u think the problem is??



Hey Vivek,

I would give you some highlights on the ways to use the board:

>>> Main ways to program the LPC1766-STK

There are three methods that we have used to program LPC1766-STK – via an external debugger tool with JTAG connector; via an external debugger tool with TRACE connector; via a serial cable using RS232 connector and NXP's Flash Magic software (this method doesn't require a debugger, only RS232 cable with DE-9 connector).

There might be more methods. The best idea would be to refer to the user's manual of the LPC1766 which should provide more information on all possible ways of programming it.

>>> II. Debugging the code

The software code that you write can be debugged using any software IDE that supports LPC1766. However to perform on-chip hardware debugging you need a hardware debugger tool that has 20-pin JTAG or TRACE connector fitting the ones on the LPC1766-STK board. You can't perform on-chip hardware debugging via the serial connection – you can just upload the final binary of your code.

>>> III. Using different software tools. For example, Keil IDE.

The board is compatible with any software suite and any debugger that supports the main chip - LPC1766. However, note that the software examples that we provide for the board are made using IAR EW for ARM. The examples that Olimex provides are not compatible with Keil and will NOT compile successfully with the Keil software tools.

>>> IV. ISP programming through serial port and serial port debug - possible or not.

Yes. It is possible. This had been tested. NXP's Flash Magic is a solid tool for serial programming. You would need an RS232 cable (between the computer and the board).

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex