AVR-JTAG-USB with Eclipse Problem (No connection)

Started by manni-b, August 03, 2016, 12:32:56 PM

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i'am using eclipse IDE CDT with AVR plug-in on a Win7 64bit machine.

My Hardware is a AVR-JTAG-USB which is connected to the JTAG connector of a AVR CAN with a AT90CAN128.

I installed the USB Drivers and in the WIN7 device manager i see the Programmer as COM device (and i already assigned different COM ports to solve my problem).

In the eclipse Project Properties under AVR/AVRDude/ Programmer i selected in the drop down menu the entry:

in the details tabs it shows a baudrate of 115200, which i then set in the device manager.

Then i go to eclipse Project Properties AVR/TargetHardware and i click: MCU Type "Load from MCU".

In eclipse I get the error message:   

The port for the programmer "jtag1" is blocked.
Check that no other instances of AVRDude or other programm is using the port.
Reason: avrdude:ser_open(): can't open device 2lpt1": Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.

I have already assigned differnt COM ports, but it still not working.
Does anyone have a solution? thanks.




Looking at this error message: "avrdude:ser_open(): can't open device 2lpt1" - it seems like avrdude is looking for a tool at the lpt port and AVR-JTAG-USB creates a COM port (it has USB <-> COM converter inside). This means that probably the ATMEL JTAG ICE (mk1) properties in Eclipse are set for LPT port!

I would also recommend testing using the command line interface of AVRDUDE without Eclipse - this would narrow down the root of the problem.

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