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OLIMEX 328 + Dragino Shield

Started by bmidy, July 13, 2016, 11:02:53 AM

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I have a OLIMEX328, and I d like to use this one with "Yun Dragino Shield"

Could you say me if it is ok ? could I plug in this shield withou risk ?
I also remark that the "Yun Dragino  shield" has morte pin as the OLIMEX-328  spin header?

And I d like also to use 2 shield together with my Olimex-328 :
- EKG Shield (
- Yun Dragino

How to proceed ? first Yun Dragino, and then above EKG shield



The Dragino shield would not fit OLIMEXINO-328 out-of-the-box. The Dragino shield that you linked seems to use the SPI of an additional connector (under the ICSP pins). OLIMEXINO-328 has no provision for it - the ICSP pins of OLIMEXINO-328 are not under that connector. You would probably have to use wires for this SPI connection.

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Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex