Problem with sensors?

Started by maxguevara, March 23, 2016, 10:59:33 pm

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i have a EEG-SMT with 4 EEG-AE and 1 EEG-PE.
I normally use BrainBay and in the specific am trying to record my brainwaves while doing everyday stuff and while meditating.
I set up my design so that i have my EEG connected to a FFT; I connected 2 active sensors to CH1+ and CH1- and put them one on T6 and the other on T5, while holding in my hand the DRL.

Here's what i get when holding the DRL:

Here's when not holding it:

I think that there are too much delta waves in the first one, or am I wrong?
What can i do to fix it and get some correct data from my device?