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TMS320-XDS100v3 dead on arrival?

Started by MrCircuitMatt, March 14, 2016, 02:00:19 pm

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Hello guys

I just received my brand new TMS320-XDS100v3. I'm slowly starting to get concerned that it is faulty. It is not recognized by my windows computer, nor CCS 6, nor does it show up in lsusb when I connect it to another Linux computer using a different cable. It does not enumerate at all, it just sits there with the red power LED on while pulling ~ 50 mA regardless of the JTAG_E jumper. When adding J4 and J5, the green D3 LED turns on but the device still does not enumerate.

I guess that the FTDI chip is wired straight to the USB port, hence it should enumerate immediately, no?

Regards and thank you



Replying to my own post, I'm a bit worried by the lack of response so far. For the record, I have sent a support request email to Olimex, referring to this thread as suggested by the FAQ. While I'm totally OK with it taking some time to sort out the details, please don't leave me hanging in the breeze by completely ignoring my post.

In the meantime, I did some probing and the rail voltages to the FTDI chip all seem to be fine.

Regards and thank you



Hey Matt,

Sorry for the delay. Each unit gets tested both hardware-wise and software-wise. It is unlikely that you have received a dead unit (unless something terrible happened during transportation).

First you need properly installed CCS - the drivers for XDS100v3 debuggers are part of CCS. During the installation of CCS you are prompted about the packages that you want to install - make sure everything is selected. In Windows, open "Windows Device Manager". The XDS100v3 emulator gets listed under "Universal Serial Bus controllers" as "TI XDS100v3 Channel A" and "TI XDS100v3 Channel B".

If there is nothing listed when you plug the device - it might be a problem with your mini USB cable or your USB port - test with another port. Avoid USB hubs. Avoid USB 3.0 ports. Test with another mini USB cable.

A properly installed TMS320-XDS100-V3 looks like this in Windows 10:

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex