How to expand the control leds on PIC-MAXI-WED?

Started by phthtung, March 15, 2016, 04:49:15 AM

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I want to add the LED driver but when control led10 it came back led1 (not control led10)?, despite repair code in the file:
// I/O pins
   #define LED0_TRIS         (TRISJbits.TRISJ0)   
   #define LED0_IO            (PORTJbits.RJ0)
   #define LED1_TRIS         (TRISHbits.TRISH3)   
   #define LED1_IO            (PORTHbits.RH3)
   #define LED2_TRIS         (TRISBbits.TRISB0)   
   #define LED2_IO            (PORTBbits.RB0)
   #define   LED3_TRIS         (TRISBbits.TRISB1)   
   #define LED3_IO            (PORTBbits.RB1)
   #define   LED4_TRIS         (TRISBbits.TRISB2)   
   #define   LED4_IO            (PORTBbits.RB2)
   #define   LED5_TRIS         (TRISBbits.TRISB3)   
   #define   LED5_IO            (PORTBbits.RB3)
   #define   LED6_TRIS         (TRISGbits.TRISG6)   
   #define   LED6_IO            (PORTGbits.RG6)
   #define   LED7_TRIS         (TRISGbits.TRISG5)   
   #define   LED7_IO            (PORTGbits.RG5)
   #define   LED8_TRIS         (TRISGbits.TRISG4)   
   #define   LED8_IO            (PORTGbits.RG4)
   #define   LED9_TRIS         (TRISFbits.TRISF7)   
   #define   LED9_IO            (PORTFbits.RF7)
   #define   LED10_TRIS         (TRISGbits.TRISG7)   
   #define   LED10_IO         (PORTGbits.RG7)

                ptr = HTTPGetROMArg(, (ROM BYTE *)"led10");
         LED10_IO = (*ptr == '1');
           ptr = HTTPGetROMArg(, (ROM BYTE *)"led9");
         LED9_IO = (*ptr == '1');
      ptr = HTTPGetROMArg(, (ROM BYTE *)"led8");
         LED8_IO = (*ptr == '1');
      ptr = HTTPGetROMArg(, (ROM BYTE *)"led7");
         LED7_IO = (*ptr == '1');   
      ptr = HTTPGetROMArg(, (ROM BYTE *)"led6");
         LED6_IO = (*ptr == '1');
      ptr = HTTPGetROMArg(, (ROM BYTE *)"led5");
         LED5_IO = (*ptr == '1');
      ptr = HTTPGetROMArg(, (ROM BYTE *)"led4");
         LED4_IO = (*ptr == '1');
      ptr = HTTPGetROMArg(, (ROM BYTE *)"led3");
         LED3_IO = (*ptr == '1');
      ptr = HTTPGetROMArg(, (ROM BYTE *)"led2");
         LED2_IO = (*ptr == '1');
      ptr = HTTPGetROMArg(, (ROM BYTE *)"led1");
         LED1_IO = (*ptr == '1');
// LEDs
   LED0_TRIS = 0;
   LED1_TRIS = 0;
   LED2_TRIS = 0;
   LED3_TRIS = 0;
   LED4_TRIS = 0;
   LED5_TRIS = 0;
   LED6_TRIS = 0;
   LED7_TRIS = 0;
   LED8_TRIS = 0;
   LED9_TRIS = 0;
   LED10_TRIS = 0;
                <a id="led1" onclick="newAJAXCommand('leds.cgi?led=1');">&bull;</a>
      <a id="led2" onclick="newAJAXCommand('leds.cgi?led=2');">&bull;</a>
      <a id="led3" onclick="newAJAXCommand('leds.cgi?led=3');">&bull;</a>
      <a id="led4" onclick="newAJAXCommand('leds.cgi?led=4');">&bull;</a>
      <a id="led5" onclick="newAJAXCommand('leds.cgi?led=5');">&bull;</a>
                <a id="led6" onclick="newAJAXCommand('leds.cgi?led=6');">&bull;</a>
      <a id="led7" onclick="newAJAXCommand('leds.cgi?led=7');">&bull;</a>
      <a id="led8" onclick="newAJAXCommand('leds.cgi?led=8');">&bull;</a>
      <a id="led9" onclick="newAJAXCommand('leds.cgi?led=9');">&bull;</a>
      <a id="led10" onclick="newAJAXCommand('leds.cgi?led=10');">&bull;</a>

Looking forward to your help. Thanks.



I think here are some lines missing from your post:
... <= here
         LED10_IO = (*ptr == '1');
           ptr = HTTPGetROMArg(, (ROM BYTE *)"led9");

Could you please add this missing lines to the post, so that we can be sure that the check is properly implemented?

But I think the check will be fine, and the problem is hidden somewhere. I think on the following thing: Everything works fine until the LED numbers are 1 digits. When a LED with two digits came into play, then some buffer is not properly erased or handled and that is why somewhere in the software a check is thinking that it found LED 10 but in reality it is LED1 (plus a remaining 0 from the last check). So you should debug the function HTTPGetROMArg and look for a buffer which is not complety erased.

As an alternative (workaround) you can try to renam the LED from led10 to leda, to see if it is working. I guess it will.