MSP430-CCRF: UART configuration with debugger TI's MSP-FET430UIF

Started by jracevedob, February 11, 2016, 03:55:16 PM

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Dear Olimex fellows,

I am working with the MSP430-CCRF and I flash it by using TI's MSP430-FET430UIF. When I plug the debugger to my Linux machine, it uses the ttyACM0 port only :( Then, I can not establish a bidirectional communication between the PC and the Launchpad: one to flash and the other to read via Putty the printfs inserted in the flashed code. After checking the documentation provided by Olimex, the JTAG connector uses pin 12 and pin 14 as TDX and RDX, respectively. However, the problem I got is that the debugger, MSP430-FET430UIF, doesn't count with those pins, but only with a test/vpp pin.  The question is: which are the alternatives to establish a bidirectional communication between the board and the PC?

Best regards,