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Problems with VGA

Started by powersoft, December 11, 2012, 06:44:40 PM

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Dear All

I have connected my board with a keyboard and VGA monitor

When I write a simple program and use the command  save "test.bas" the screen is going dark, and the system is restart (reset).

I use a 16GB ,fat32 formatted card.

What could this be?


Jan Kromhout


can you tell us: what is your board, what is your power supply, what firmware you use?


Duinomite-mega, rev.D
DMBasic Build date : jul 31 2012 Time 16:28:04
Power supply = 12V/1200mA



Why is Olimex not reacting on my problem?


Hey Jan,

Sorry for the delay we are still testing the SD card problem.

We did some tests with all available firmwares we have. I can't reproduce the shut down situations since it works fine here. Is it possible to test with lower density card (1GB or 2GB one)? There is a chance that the higher density cards draw more power than allowed by design OR there is a software bug.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Taken a fresh 2 GB micro SD card.
System whas not crasing, but got the message that there whas no space to write!
How should I format the card?

Best Regards



Still problems, but find out that the problems with writing to the sd only happens when there is a vga monitor connected.

When read or write whit terminal programall is working well

What is Olimex planned to do?

Or should I take a big hammer and smash the board and put it in the trash box.