New micro board, no power led when plug DC 5v

Started by ars102, December 20, 2015, 07:33:00 AM

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I just got a new Micro board from Olimex and tried to run BitBurner program 1st time. However, when I plug 5v DC power in, there is nothing happen, no any LED light-up and BitBurner program said no device. Pls help !

Thank you.



I've checked again and actual it works already :-)

Basically, I plug 5c DC in, no SDCARD, USB-A type connects to PC running BitBurner and PC can recognize the board normally, but there is no any LED light-on in the board.


Had same issue, sort of o assumed I'd still see pwr led without SD-card, thought device was ded.
Put in sd with os, now the device boots, and power led shows. ++


I think there's only one LED and it's controlled by software (which won't be running).