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About mod EKG

Started by UDAY, December 23, 2014, 03:42:35 PM

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HELLO guys,

     I am fresher to this forum.am sure that you guys can help me out with the issue i mentioned. :)  Recently i took MOD EKG OLIMEX .what i observed was, am getting some sort of signals  before i place my thumbs on a thumb pads (HR1,HR3 & HR3,HR4). am using mod-rs232 to view the signal on PC.what is the reason for getting these waves initialy .also can you guys please describe that for what reason resistors R9,R10,R11 & R26 are used in msp430fg439 design at pins 51,50,49 & 48 respectively.

thank you 



I am trying to use Mod-EKG with Mod-rs232 to see the waveform. However I am unable to do so. I am not able to power up the device using the rs232 and the level shifter. Can you explain how did you get it to work and view the waveform?

Thank you.


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