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SAM3-H256, how to get started

Started by EXS, December 07, 2012, 03:23:46 PM

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I'm new to SAM3 and need some help or push in the right directions. I googled now for 2 days and it seems that the support for the device is lack.

I want to erase the annoying demo program, as described in the manual. I soldered some pins to PB12 and pin 18 of EXT2 to connect 3.3V. I connected GND to the single pin near TEST. Shouldn't this erase the chip after 10s?

If not how can this be done? Software tools are not usable, because the demo moves the mouse around, which is nice but also absolutly useless for reprograming the chip.

I also have a Atmel SAM-ICE and tried to erase the chip via Atmel Studio V6, which also doesn't work. Is there a security feature one must get rid of first?

Any help would be appreciated!

Best regard


Hey Benny,

The easiest way to wipe everything is to short-circuit PB12 and PB13 pinholes under the quartz crystal. Use a simple wire or pincers AND the board has to be powered when you are resetting it. Note that this will wipe the mouse demo program.

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