Target Device ID (0xfffffff) does not match expected Device ID (0x510d053)

Started by satishdalvi, September 15, 2015, 12:26:06 PM

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Hello Friends I am using PIC32MZ1024ECG microcontroller and using PICKit3 Olimex programmer to program the same. Programming Tool is MPLAB x IPE v3.00 Version.
I am getting "Target Device ID (0xfffffff) does not match expected Device ID (0x510d053)" and then

Failed to read device
Selected device and target: memory mismatch.

Failed to program device
Selected device and target: memory mismatch.
2015-09-15T12:35:20+0530- Programming failed Error
MCLR Pin is not floating..Other ICSP pins are correctly connected to PICKit3 and board.
Device is drawing power from PICKit3 (Option is check in power setting tab in MPLAB X IPE).
I Tried applying external power supply as well but didnt work.... can somebody help me...


Probably need external power and also some wiring/component is wrong.



Thank you for your reply John.. :) But external power needs to be applied to PICKit3 or to my device?


Your device.  PICkit3 is pretty lousy at providing power.

If you can program a non-MZ PIC32 it may help you figure out what's wrong.




I can assure you that Olimex PIC-KIT3 works with PIC32MZxxxx. We use it to program our boards PIC32-HMZ144 during production, the boards can be found here:

The issue is not into the compatibility.

The error message is quite general. You would get the message if there is nothing connected to PIC-KIT3. There might be a lot of reasons - either software and/or hardware reasons. Few general ideas:

1. Try to power the board via the PIC-KIT3, remove external power supply.

2. Check if the code already loaded on your target has its configuration bits set properly; especially the bits that handle the clocks.

3. If there is code already loaded on the target it might disable or use some of the pins used for programming.

4. Also if you use external quartz - make sure to double check the values. There was a bug in the processor with the maximum clock of the quartz being 12MHz and the processor datasheet initially suggested 24MHz as maximum quartz crystal. It is written on page 20 of the latest errata ("Crystals with a speed of 4 MHz to 12 MHz that meet the following requirements will meet the PIC32MZ oscillation requirements when configured as depicted in Figure 8-1.". The document can be found here:

The PLL is used to get the other frequencies.

The funny part is that even some Microchip-made kits are sold with 24MHz crystal which leads to problems - for example - PIC32MZ EC STARTER KIT:

5. I would recommend searching for similar issues in the official Microchip forums. It is quite likely that somebody encountered similar problem.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex