NANO 5V inputs pulls low - Nevermind, I made a mistake

Started by noimjosh, August 28, 2015, 07:00:46 AM

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It turns out that I had my leads on my multimeter swaped.  I had been having issues with it earlier and was trying different things, including swapping leads.  I was, therefore, connecting the power supply backwards, shunting the 5V through D3, which was my only voltage, lesson learned

I just hooked up leads to CON2 pins 1 (+5V) and 2 (gnd) and CON1 pin 2 (gnd), but when I attached a 5V supply, nothing happened (would boot via lipo).

I decided to monitor the voltage as I attached the board, and discovered that my 5.09Vdc drops to 1.1V immediately, then slowly (like a capacitor building up) continues down to 0.996V.