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Programming the DuinoMite Mini

Started by Dvorak, July 30, 2015, 11:05:09 AM

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I apologize if this is rather nooby, but I am new to the microcontroller world. I have done a lot of googling, and I've only found partial information.

I have a DuinoMite Mini. It cannot be programmed via USB (something which I overlooked.) There is a small ICSP header. I have a PICKit3 on the way, but I do not think it has the small ICSP connector. Is it possible to program the DuinoMite-Mini without the small ICSP connector, maybe through the UEXT? If not, what is the name of the small ICSP connector, so I may purchase a cable?

I also have a USBASP, FTDI, and CP2102. As previously stated a Microchip PICKit3 is on the way. I do not want to risk bricking my device. All I'm wanting to do is put RetroBSD on my MCU, and so far it's proving to be a pain (and the RetroBSD links are expired.) I will likely make a tutorial on YouTube so others won't be asking the same questions, since it is the cheapest RetroBSD board.


It's quite hard to brick a PIC32.  It really is.

It can be done - Mchp have a post warning NOT to use the ToGo (or whatever it is) in the wrong way -- Olimex link to the warning.

Too much voltage tends to work, too!!

You can flash new code in using even a USBASP but need first to reflash that (so need a 2nd one).  It's fast (seconds).  An RPi works, also.  Or you can do it VERY slowly via such as FTDI (FT232) USB/serial -- see thebackshed forum if you actually want to do it.  Same place for usbasps/rpi.

All irrelevant if you just wait for your PICkit.

retrobsd site looks up so you can always figure stuff out via it / asking there.

I've done a lot of reflashing of PIC32s and found you just need any of the PGECx/PGEDx (keep x consistent) plus ground - pick whatever's convenient.

Olimex sell a convertor thing for their little ICSP.but quick glance at schematic suggests using PGEC2/PGED2.

John (who avoids youtube tutorials as I can read MUCH faster)


I use the PIC-KIT3 of Olimex (EUR. 29.95) together with the PIC-ICSP (EUR. 2.95) and these work perfect. If you have already ordered the Microchip PIC-KIT3, it should be no problem to combine it with PIC-ICSP also. They should be compatible and I don't think you can produce it yourself for less money. By the way with the PIC-ICSP you have all possible concetions.