Made a running port of Net Microframework on STM32-E407 board

Started by dadebertolino, February 19, 2014, 09:26:12 AM

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As object I made a BASIC running port of the Net Microframework V4.2 that runs over this board and permits to use it programmed by Visual Studio (visual basic).
This port is compiled by gcc, the bootloader is loaded using ARM-USB-OCD-H and CooCox, and the TinyClr is loaded by MFDeploy.
If anyone wants to try...


put it on the web and I will blog about it and link so more people learn about what you are doing


If you meant a Blog asticle, I wrote a short result on by personal blog... Article is in italian, sorry
Here you can download the compiled framework.


Well, I've started from the Oberon port for the STM32F4_Discovery board, that is compiled whith Keil MDK, compiling my port on GCC, changing CPU definitions and more.
At now (today) I've not implemented any periferial (except for the LED on PortC_13), but I hope to have enough time to make a port of the SD and the ethernet phy in native form.