Micro SD Card Lifetime Monitoring Olinuxino iMx233 Micro

Started by ozmeen, July 24, 2015, 08:38:45 PM

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Hi all,
Is there any way to monitor Industrial SD Card lifetime of Host Operating System?
We have installed Arch Linux on our Industrial SD Cards. It has a lifetime monitoring feature but we can not use it from SD Card itself. We can check the lifetime when we connect SD card to a host PC and run lifetime Monitoring Tool. By this way it is OK. But we want to check lifetime from Linux which is installed into the SD.

Can i use vendor provided commands from Linux Kernel or from iMx233 Micro's bootloder?
I want to log lifetime of SD card every power on cycle and read it from iMx233's persistent/volatile memory on linux which is installed into the my SD card.

Any idea? How to do?
Thanks all.