AM3352-SOM General dimensions

Started by sebko, June 16, 2015, 10:37:40 PM

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Hello all,

I have checked the general dimensions document on the AM3352-SOM page but I am missing few dim.
I am looking for the board overall thickness including top and bottom components and connectors.
I need to stack this board on my mother board and check if the stack still fit in my enclosure.

I will be pleased if you can help.

Best Regards.



Measured on the board I have:

The tallest component on top layer is D2, measured to 2.3 mm above the top surface.
The bottom connectors are 3.7 mm tall, and fit the mating parts on the evaluation board such that the top PCB surface is 6.6 mm above the carrier board surface.
The tallest component on bottom layer is the UART0 connector plastic at 2.7 mm
I measure the PCB to 1.7 mm including the solder mask.

Maximum build height guaranteed to clear the board would be 2.2 mm, but most of the board has thinner components, if you need to squeeze in more.