help regarding malfunctioing of olimex CAN Kit

Started by fahad2264, May 30, 2015, 01:40:34 PM

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i have bought 3 product(olimex avr can) but out of three , "one: avr can kit is not working .olimex has provided me 3 sample codes to test this kit. 2 out of 3 sample codes are running properly on that malfunctioned kit.

the sample avr usart code is not working properly . however, the same code is working properly on the other two kits that i have already bought. the sample programs contains to transmit and receive data via usart0. but when i make some changes to test that program on usart1 , the particular program runs correctly on that malfunctioned kit.

not only this, i am also doing communication between multiple kits via CAN Bus protocol. the same CAN code is working properly on two kits , but on that particular malfunctioned kit the CAN code is not working. SO, i want to test it with the help of any member in this forum.

please reply