how do I read values of LRADC0/1?

Started by dsp, March 19, 2015, 03:10:16 PM

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I would like to read the analog voltage of a sensor and use it in puredata or python.

1) how do I read the values of LRADC? I only find information how to read the digital I/Os.
2) Is this a sensible way to connect an analog sensor to the LIME2? or would it be better to use e.g. a Pinguino Board and connect this to some GPIO with I2C?

I am using the A20 LIME2 board to make an electronic music instrument and this is my first post here.
Any help appreciated...


What resolution do you need from your sensor? What is the range of output from your sensor?

The LRADC is only 6 bit so not very good for general sensor interfacing as this is only 64 bits.

Better you use an external ADC with higher bit count with a min of 12 but ideally 16 bit gives the best resolution. There are a number of I2C interfaced IC's that can be used with ease with the A20. I use the MCP3428 4 channel 16 bit device and it gives a nice clean signal.


Just to shime in, I am with Dave on this, an external I2C ADC would probably be the best course of action



thank you for your answeres!

I have used one Arduino board now and connected it via I2C. This basically works.
I need to learn a bit more about I2C though: I can only send/receive one byte number.
I would like to send 10 bit value. but it's better than 6bit :)

thank you Gerrit. Good to know which road to turn to get the LRADC to run. The name sounds to me like it could be used as audio in...