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Started by elamre, April 10, 2015, 04:45:34 PM

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I'm not using the audio on my board, and it doesnt seem to work either. I very often get the message:

sgtl5000 0-000a: Failed to get mclock: -2
i2c 0-000a: Driver sgtl5000 requests probe deferral

i have no clue what this means, I found the directory with the sgtl driver but am not quite sure how to disable or remove it (So i can avoid this message). I found out that the sgtl is indeed the audio codec.

Any help or ideas are appreciated :)


Please describe which Olimex board and Kernel version you are using.


I'm sorry for not including that.

I'm using the imx maxi, and have the newest version from the arch linux kernel,

I dont have access to the board right now sadly enough, so i can't give exact details


From my understand the i.MX23 doesn't have a sgtl5000 only the i.MX28.

There are patches to get the audio chip on the i.MX23 working:



That would explain the message then :)
I have no need for sound, can i simply remove it in some way?