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AVR-T32U4 soldering connection

Started by d4, March 08, 2015, 11:02:23 AM

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Dear Olimex, dear all,

The user manual for AVR-T32U4 states

Quote7.3 Extension pins
For your convenience the pads are named individually near each of them. Please take extra care
about the numbering but consider that there might be offset.
Also note that the board comes with no connectors soldered on the pin holes. Before being able to
connect with a shield you have to solder connecters yourself.

I am puzzled... in all the pictures (in the web page and in the um)  I see that connectors are soldered in. Is the user manual correct, do I really need to solder?

If I have to solder the connectors, which connectors should I buy? Do you sell them, in case may you give me the part names?

thx, a.