NAND flash programming, setting up imx233 registers.

Started by Rubid, March 01, 2015, 06:56:37 PM

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I was using several Olinuxino boards to prototype and test my own devices, and now its time to make my own imx233-powered device. But I have some problems (I don't have enough knowledge) with several things:

1. How can I out my customized Linux image and bootlets on a NAND flash chip before soldering it to the board? Are there any programmers (devices) that are dedicated to do it? Or is there a better way?

2. How can I setup registers in imx233? In Atmega, I was doing this using avrdude and programmer. With imx233 iż it only possible to do it via bootlets?



Hi Rubid,

do you really want to use NAND on your board design? Why not use the SD-Card to boot from?
Do you have a dedicated controller for your NAND, or will you do the NAND handling all you self based on iMX233 features?
Do your application need to write on the NAND?

We have a running TTS system based on iMX233 and NAND (, so I we can discuss the steps needed in private mail if you want.

Kind reagards



In case it helps, I made a custom bootlet for factory testing and burning of OTP data on my imx233 based design.
In particular

I imagine this could be extended to program the NAND flash from data sent over the serial port, but it may not be the fastest or best way to do it.

A Windows app communicated with the test jig to exercise the board in the test jig, including running avrdude to program the ATmega328 co-processor, log all test data, and finally print a serial number label to match the OTP data.