Debian installation - boot image missing?

Started by bsrdjan, September 20, 2012, 08:13:50 AM

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I am following Debian SD card preparation instructions here and have a problem at the step 23

First I downloaded Debian rootfs from: (image provided by Jeroends)

The file is debian_rootfs.tgz, ca 195 MB big and at the step 20 refers to boot image, which I can"t find:

20. Copy the supplied files - OLinuXino_Debian_FS.tgz(the debian FS) and image)

Could you please advise?


snip from the file you quote:

"You will need Open Embedded generated Kernel 2.6.35 which image you can download from: (image provided by Jeroends)

and the Debian rootfs you can download from: (image provided by Jeroends)"