Anemometer and winddirection sensor?

Started by cico0815, February 04, 2015, 10:07:54 AM

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Hello everyone,

I recently got hold of two sensors (taken down from an old windturbine).

I want to use them myself but I have no idea on the pinout/cables.

Maybe someone here is able to help me with this? All I got is those photos
I made ... nobody could tell me anything about those sensors.

Is someone here maybe who could tell me something about those sensors and
how to connect them to the Olinuxino? I assume I will have to use the MOD-IO?

Thank you very much!

Best, Thomas


Unless you can find a part number on them it is not going to be easy to work it out unless someone actually recognises them.

Can you open them? They appear to have a 2 part body.

What is the material they are made from?


Some anemometers simply have a reed switch that closes once for every turn. Take an ohmmeter and measure the resistance between two wires while turning the shaft. Repeat for each combination of wire pairs.

The wind vane may contain a potentiometer. Measure the resistance between two wires and see if it changes when you turn the shaft. As above, repeat for each combination of wire pairs.

This is just a wild guess, the sensors can be implemented in a variety of ways.