A10-Lime shuts down when connecting 40-40-10 cable

Started by a10lime, January 30, 2015, 08:33:10 am

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I am a A10-Lime newbie. Currently trying to connect the 10TS LCD display to my A10-Lime and cannot get it to work. I changed the change_display.sh. But every time I connect the 40-40-10 cable to the A10 it shuts down.
All LEDs on the board go dark and the area around the power supply becomes hot.

It also happens when the display is not connected on the other side of the cable. And it also happens when I connect the cable to the GPIO ports.

What could that be, is the cable corrupted?

Thanks for your help.


It sounds like there is a short if it does it with just the cable. Don't use it until you have checked it out.

Get a multi-meter and check each pin for short to each other. ie, 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4 etc etc.


Thank you for the quick advice!! I just checked the cable and you were right, there is a short in almost half of the cable. It looked perfect from the outside though.

Now I am scared that I broke the display. Is there a way to test it without connecting it to the board? I connected an external 5V power supply, but no signs of life...

Thanks again.


No, it will need the signals to work. They are not the same as PC monitor.

You can easily make your own cable if you happen to be able to get the cable and connectors from a suitable electronics supplier. Without knowing where you live is hard to suggest who from.

Is the existing cable from Olimex? I would send it back for a replacement if the cost is not high to do so.

In fact, if the cable was their failure, you could get all parts replaced if they too turn out to be faulty because of it.


I am located in the US. I checked mouser and digikey for an assembled cable, but did not find anything suitable. They carry the original Olimex cable but are out of stock. The cable is also listed as out of stock on the Olimex website.

Do you by chance know a supplier that ships to the US to get the cable and connectors to make my own?
I will follow your advice and ask for a return in case the display is broken.

Thank you!!


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Make your own is quite easy if you have a vice to crimp them together in.

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Dave: The 40-40-10 cable is twice as dense as a normal flat ribbon cable. The connector spacing is 0.05" instead of the usual 0.1". The parts you are suggesting won't work.


My apologies, I forgot this was for the Lime which is 1.27mm pitch. Anyway, you can still get these. It is 0.635mm pitch cable you need. Parts cost is higher than Olimex but this is expected.

I am so used to 2.54mm pitch connectors. :)

This is the cable.





Great, I will order the parts from there, as the Olimex cable is still out of stock. Thank you for the link!