Audio inputs broken on all Kernels for all Olimex IMX233 boards

Started by benbiles, October 08, 2014, 09:34:35 AM

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The IMX233 boards audio inputs ( both line and mic ) have noise making it unusable on all available linux kernels. including official release 2.x and all 3.x kernels including when using this branch.

Therefore we can say Audio inputs are broken on this board?

Can anyone else confirm this?


I have the same problem with microphone! :( I didnt test the line-in though! :(
I use IMX233-mini-wifi and arch-linux.


"amixer sset "ADC" xx% cap" xx < 100, it helps me to reduce noise.


it helps to reduce the noise, but it was temporary. Sometimes it is clear , and sometimes it is noisy, sometimes it record nothing but "shshshhhhhh" sound!
Any help will be appreciate