Question on programming SAM3-H256 with Atmel Studio

Started by paulm, November 06, 2014, 10:37:50 PM

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Hi I am a newbie to OLIMEX, so please excuse.
I have purchased a SAM3-H256 and am trying to compile simple apps using Atmel Studio 6 (version 6.2.1502 SP1)

The studio has ability to configure for boards like Atmel's dev boards SAM3S-EK and SAM3S-EK2.
The SAM3S-EK is similar but not the same as the SAM3-H256 and I get compilation problems when trying to use this board as a starting point.

Is there some way to add a SAM3-H256 board to the atmel studio 6 build?
I think this involves creating something equivalent to sam3s_ek.h that exists in the studio (plus possibly other files)
I suspect someone (many people!) have already done this to use the H256 easily with the Atmel Studio.
I would appreciate advice or code that would help me to proceed because I am currently stuck on this.

With thanks,