Can i connect multiple devices with Olinuxino Micro on I2C line?

Started by Rubid, November 05, 2014, 11:28:09 AM

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can anybody give me an example how to connect several devices with Olinuxino Micro using I2C?
I wanted to use two ENC28J60 ethernet modules with Olinuxino Micro. Will it work? If yes, will it be effective enough to connect to Olinuxino and use an internet connection?



Hi Rubin,

in general you can connect more than one device to one I2C bus. Simply make sure the devices use different addresses. We do this with our iMX233 based audio player: The FM radio and the accelerometer are connected to the same I2C interface.

But this may have some disadvantages because there could be a problem when one device interrupt occurs and an I2C transaction with the second device is in progress (or the other way around). Your device may generate a lot of data so this is very probable.

Why do you want to connect your Ethernet modules via I2C. I use a Apple USB-Ethernet cable on my iMX233-Olinuxino and it works out of the box without problems within Linux.

What software do you want to use? Linux? Bare Metal? Do you thought about the driver?




Hi Mike,
thank you for your time.

I want to make a dual ethernet board using an easy-to-solder SOC, and I thought that iMX Olinuxino Micro will be a good point to start. For me, the USB-to-ETH 3$ dongle works also without any problems, but I don't think that soldering an USB hub (chip) and then USB-to-ETH chip is a very good idea.

The first iMX SoC that has a dual ethernet is iMX288, but it's BGA.