Fail to enumerate HID USB device on PIC-P26J50 board

Started by dag, November 03, 2014, 12:51:43 AM

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Using the PIC-P26J50 board, I am trying to define an HID USB interface with a PC host software.
I tried to modify a couple of Demos that are available for other PIC18 MCU's with no success. I get Unknown Device message when the MCU powers up.
Is there any such demo for the board?


Does Microchip USB code on their site not support the cpu?



The PIC18F26j50 is a part of Microchip PIC18F46J50 FAMILY all are Fast USB capable devices.
The Microchip demo is a CDC device comes up as a Com port on the host. I need to implement an HID device or better yet a combination HID + MSD Device. I tried to adopt the Simple USB project from:
for this but I keep getting Unknown Device error on the host indicating that the Enumeration fails.
Any ideas?