A10 lime and A20 lime Problems

Started by mrcotcot, October 21, 2014, 05:03:22 pm

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i have bought 3 cards ;D
one A20 lime, one A10 Lime and one A20 Lime2

one the A20 Lime2 all work perfectly (network, HDMI ....) ;D
on the A20 Lime the network card seem be Down  :'(, i thinks a ahev tested all methods for seeing my card on my network (DHCP by nm-connection manager, modify /etc/network/interface, using the standard command (dhclient eth0 ...) place a static IP on card) i dont see the A20 Lime on my network ...

on the A10 Lime.. the probleme is different, the HDMI seem HS :'(. i don't have serial debug  cable for test the Boot Up. like the HDMI is off, i cant start the Network service, and i do'nt acces to my card with SSH

i have write to the support@olimex but i do'nt have response
i have two question
have you an image with a networking DHCP service already up for my A10-Lime
and an image with a valide configuration for finish to test my A20 lime

have a goods days


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You need a debugging cable or you're just working blind.  They're almost free on ebay.

The hard way is to figure out - without it - what is going on.



ok i go to buy this "f.ck..g" cable today.
i thinks is a good way for my A10...

but for my A20, i can configure it whith a normal screen and keyboard...and ... the  network is already down.

more thanks john

have you just one good image (HDMI + network DHCP) for my A20_lime, i want test it ...


The images are good, you can read many people use them OK, so it's something about your set up.




the problem for the A10-lime is solved
the supply by the USB-OTG don't work on the board
when i plug the supply by the other way, the A10 work.

but for my A20 the problem is no solved. i continue this post in the corresponding forum
thanks for your help