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STM32-H405: How to connect

Started by bruceuk, October 16, 2014, 02:01:45 PM

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So I hate to admit it but I did trouble shoot why my Linux system didn't detect the board when I connected it via USB....which I now know is power only.

So....what do I need to connect to the board, upload and execute some bin images and read some output?

I'm guessing one of these?

But then do I also need to buy a power supply for the JTAG connector? How would I power the board from the JTAG connector?



I'd use an ARM-USB-TINY-H and you should be able to just power the board from USB.  If you follow the USB's 5V on the schematic you'll see it goes into a 3.3V regulator and that then powers everything needed including JTAG.

I've not tried ARM-USB-OCD-H but looks likely to be OK.



ok I got it.... 2x usb cables to supply power to the JTAG connector and to the board.

Thanks John!! Chibios here we go :)