Started by ALFREDOSKY, September 12, 2014, 07:31:10 PM

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Hi all, i want to use some pins from a port of this card, but i didn't find anything, i saw manual user and schematics and there aren't pins or ports to use for user. Is there any way to use at least one port(a few pins) of the microcontroller on this card?if so, where is the connector for the user?



Thanks for reply JohnS, well, i need to use at least one output pin because i will use rs485 chip, this chip came with two control pins, one of them is inverted, i mean, if one pin is 'high' the other one is 'low' (negative logic). IN1 and IN2 are inputs, and UEXT1 and UEXT2 are for serial communication(i2c, uart and spi). i suppose one UEXT could be reuse and reprogram their pins, but in all the code i didn´t see anything about UEXT configuration, so, for now i´m using relay pin output, the common is 3.3v(it was the only voltage available on the card, i still looking for +5v), and it works...but it would be great if there are some way to use one pin of the MCU.