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Started by ejphendriks@outlook.com, August 28, 2014, 02:39:47 AM

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I just recently bought two PIC-WEB_BOX modules. Now I am playing arround with it and I noticed a few funny things:

1. The demo Web page that came pre-installed is different from the one that is included in the download package: PIC-WEB-BOX_demo_v2. If I upload the prebuilt file: "MPFSImg2 Prebuilt.bin" the LED and buttons are no longer responding. Where can I download the original / pre-installed  ".bin" file and get things back to the original state?

2. The demo says that after 4 seconds the green LED should turn on to indicate that the bootloader has deactivated. In my PIC-WEB-BOX version the green LED is ON from the start. Does that mean that it doesn't have the bootloader installed? When I try to upload the "PIC-WEB-BOX Demo prebuilt.hex" using TFTP it returns with a time-out... What is causing this?


This morning I managed to compile the WEB-BOX-DEMO 5.42 and program it via the ICSP header using a PICKit3.

Now the Web pages are working again :)

The bootloader LED still ON directly from the start (no 4 sec delay)...

The extra functionality such as UART interface now works as well ;)