A10 & Goodix GT911 Capacitive Touch Panel

Started by anthonym, August 07, 2014, 05:12:09 pm

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Hi All,

Has anyone managed to get the Goodix GT911 touch panel driver working with an A10?

I was hopeful as the kernel has Goodix GT8 touch panel controller support built in but it appears the GT9 series is a very different beast!!

Alternatively does anyone know of a 7" capacitive touch panel that is supported out of the box. I have seen the Newhaven Display combined TFT and Touch panels that should work but unfortunately we need sunlight readability and the Newhaven panels look a bit dim.

Thanks in advance.


There is nothing out of the box as such but I did get a Touch Revolution 7" panel to work with an A20.

It will require you to create an interface board to connect it. It's not drop in.


They do have both Linux and Android drivers but again, it's not drop in and will need you to compiler the kernel to include and add the I2C init code.