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Started by Wayneroha, June 28, 2014, 05:17:02 AM

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Hi. I am new to this forum. I am a researcher. Recently, I bought a MOD-EKG. In addition, I bought the RS-232 connector too. I connected MOD-EKG to PC via to RS-232. On the RS-232, red-led is blinking. On the LCD of the MOD-EKG, it displays some values even without a touch (I think it is noise....). When I touch the HR1, HR2, HR3 and HR4, ECG should be indicated but it is not happening. Can you advice me?


Hello Wayneroha,

Most importantly ensure that the jumpers of both boards are properly
configured. RX of one board should go to TX of the other. By default the
boards are incompatible, so you have to change the jumpers, responsible for
serial communication of either MOD-EKG or MOD-USB-RS232.

It is important to hold the pads firmly from and press keep your fingers at
both sides of the corners.

A good idea is to try another way of powering. Sometimes people trust a
battery or a power supply brand blindly. You can power MOD-EKG from
MOD-USB-RS232 if you configure the jumpers properly.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Hi Lub/Olimex,

I am using the MOD-USB-RS232 which I bought from Olimex.

When the UEXT is connected to MOD-EKG board using the MOD-USB-RS232; it is powering the both boards ON. When connected; MOD-EKG is ON. Therefore, on the LCD some values are indicated, it is still (not a variable)figure. On the MOD-RS-232 board; one red-led is blinking; not fast but slow blink.

Jumpers on the MOD-EKG evaluation board is; P_IN=OPEN and P_Out=CLOSED. Is this correct?

Please advice.


I have same issue. I did checked the connections and the schematic. Please verify.
UEXT pin 4 -> P2.6
also schematic shows P2.6->TX and the data sheet shows 2.4->TX
Appears the board is defective.