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Arduino GSM shield on PIC32-OTG

Started by .Costin, July 23, 2014, 08:04:50 PM

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Hi, everybody..As the title says,I have one of these shields but I want to make it work with a PIC32-OTG board for a GPRS connection.Since I had unnumbered failures trying to make an Arduino board to work in an industrial environment, the Arduino's are no more on my option list.But I still have some shields which I must use them.
Does anyone have any ideea how to use those two boards in conjunction ? Is there any library regarding GPRS ?



 I'll try there too....After deep diggings on the manufacturer's site, until I'll be able to create my own library for this module, I'll use explicitly the AT commands to configure and connect...It's all about the same Tx and Rx pins , found on both proccessors...My C++ is poor, I was used to assembler only, but the spark to change programming language was a >500 lines multiplication, done in assembler:)..


It's working fine, using straight AT commands...At least the sms stuff..