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SAM3-H256 Programming via USB

Started by glumpus, February 07, 2014, 02:08:50 PM

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Hi, I am confused about the instructions for the developmentboard SAM3-H256.
I read the following instructions for the board:

""Description for programming via USB port using SAM-BA software
The ATSAM3S4BA-AU can be programmed via USB using the SAM-BATM software. Before
being able to use SAM-BA, a recovery procedure, which consists of copying the SAM-BA Boot
Assistant into Flash must be performed as follows:
1. Disconnect board from USB
2. Connect PB12 to 3.3V
3. Power up the board
4. Wait 10s
5. Power down the board
6. Remove the connection between PB12 and 3.3V
7. Power up the board via USB
8. If SAM-BA USB driver are installed you can use SAM-BA tool""

Following questions arises from this:
1. The jumper for TST (pin 40) and 3.3 v, should they be connected while PB12 and 3.3 V is connected?
2. After the bootloader is finished and PB12 and 3.3v are disconnected, should TST (pin 40) and 3.3 V:s jumper be connected when programming via USB?

Kind regards


Hi glumpus,

I use SAM3-H256 for some times now and I program it via USB.
You don't need to change the TST jumper (it seems to be useful for JTAG only).


I think the product overview page is wrong, the TST jumper is not used for programming via USB. I jumper PB12 to +3.3V to erase the flash, then I use the bossac program (see http://www.shumatech.com/web/products/bossa) to reprogram it via USB.