unable to give input from keyboard after booting at91sam9260 in minicom

Started by Pravin Lanjile, July 23, 2014, 08:11:31 AM

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Pravin Lanjile

i have an system with ubuntu and minicom 2.5.
i am stuck at point,when i boot at91sam9260 in minicom,then i am not able to give input from keyboard..
is there any setting to make?
i make all these changes:
    1)hardware flow control=NO
    2)software flow control=NO
    3)bps/bits=115200 8N1


Pravin Lanjile

hello john,
after booting the at91sam9260;it is asking for login(sam9-l9260 login:) at this point i was unable to write,
it won't take input from keyboard...
at the time of booting it is asking for "press any key to stop autoboot" i pressed key but
it won't stop.

Pravin Lanjile

hello john,
my problm is solved.serial port on PC side is not working i guess.so i used serial to usb converter
and my prblm is solved.