About the ethernet of upcoming RK3188 board

Started by ahmet, June 23, 2014, 04:53:22 PM

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I am very excited that you are about to release Rockhip based boards. I wonder if you are going to use external ethernet chip instead of using internal ethernet.

According to the Galland (Who is a known rockhip hacker) internal MAC of rockchips aren't that reliable. He is appreciating external ethernet chip of minix neo x7 in his blog.


QuoteA well suited on-board Ethernet MAC (Realtek RTL8152) as opposed to using the internal MAC of the RK3188, as is done by most other TV boxes, which are riddled with bugs (to list a just few of RK MAC's problems: quirks when connecting Ethernet directly to a PC, stops working on TV-box Linux restart, CPU shut-down upon serving heavy files over SAMBA, ...).


RK3188-SOM will offer both possibilities the SOM have no external Ethernet chip but all signals are exposed so one could use only PHY or add and use external MAC


Hm, bad news about internal MAC :(. We are planing to use RK3188-SOM module in our device and Ethernet (mean TCP/IP) is a main connection channel in it.

Did Olimex developer team notice any problem with internal MAC during testing of RK3188-SOM-EVB?