Video driver issue

Started by mrroland, June 08, 2014, 01:42:23 am

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Hi all,

After playing a while with the default image provided by olimex i decided to
move my rootfs to a sata ssd. Unfortunately the image by olimex does not have the sata driver
built in to the kernel but loaded as module. So i decided to compile my own image using as a guide.
I compiled everything on the A10 itself without any errors.
Booting from sata works excellent but the hdmi display resolution is always wrong.
I changed the kernel command line to automatically detect the hdmi resolution and fallback to 1280X1024p60 if this fails. The problem is that the monitor reports that the provided hdmi resolution is 1282X1026 and the first to lines of the display are lit purple from top to botom.As soon as i do something thats a little demanding (like using iceweasel) the screen blanks out and goes into standy. The A10 is still accessible via uart and responds normal.

I don have this problem with the sdcard image provided by olimex....
Can anybody please tell me why symply compiling my own kernel causes this problem?
I didn't changed anything to the video part in the kernel configuration.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,


Ok, in case somebody else has the same problem:

Both the purple lines and wrong display detection are caused by the missing hdmi audio on this monitor.

All is fine with this added to boot.scr:

This makes the hdmi autodetect work or fallback to no audio.