A10 broken ?

Started by otyugh, June 07, 2014, 05:33:38 pm

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I suspect my A10-LIME is broken.
-> Nothing from uart0 (moved TX/RX) : but I suspect my usb-serial from being dead ; the only display I've got from it since the beginning is when I pluged directly RX to TX ; but I guess the price of replacmenet would be the shiping, tho.
On a certain disposition of TX/RX, the ethernet lights (green & orange) light up together (or seem to blink suuuper fast).

-> Without Uart0, modifying the /etc/network/interfaces to "auto dhcp", then powering it up gives me "no blinking, no nothing" on the ethernet port : and as expected, I can't detect it on the network (and then can't go in it via ssh as I personnaly did to set up my A20 recently).

Stuff used to test only stuff from olimex : serialUSBf, powersupplyV12-nonchinese, microSD-A10.
I must add that I used the exact same thing on the A20, and I get it working...

Should I consider to ask for replacement ?
Should I try anything else I've forgoten to try ?


Quote from: otyugh on June 07, 2014, 05:33:38 pmpowersupplyV12-nonchinese

Ho man !
I'm just gone lurking to see the wikis and... A10 can be powered by 5VDC only. I just assumed it was okay because the A20 had the same kind of power supply >.>

Everything is okay.
We blame the microSD too soon : PEBCAK is all :3

I should just facepalm ~


Check your image first. I had a similar problem when I first started.


The problem was "only" the power supply source. I must say I'm quite ashamed of myself.


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Oh Shame you should feel!
I just did EXACTLY the same thing yesterday...
Despite 20 years of experience at this stuff, I unthinking hitched my A10 LIME to the 12v 2A supply that I had just been using for an A20. In fairness to the little LIME, Diode D3 kept the suppply voltage clamped down for long enough to get the system booted. Soon I smelt a faint burning smell but the LIME was running OK. OK, that is until D3 got hot enough to melt its solder and fall off the board!. It was quite humourous when the penny dropped as to what was happening.. I made a dash to pull the power but just then, there was a CRACK and the magic smoke came pouring out of the AXP209. Destruction is complete, even the SD card I had in the LIME is toast!
I am sure 99.99% of RMA to Olimex must be people doing stuff like this!
A polyfuse would have been a good addition to the design, Or mabe a big sticker over the jack saying 'HEY STUPID- 5V'


This story is... Well.

Ho my. Life has something magic, arbitrary and dangerous sometimes >.>