Does R17 need to be removed from rev.E of imx233 mini?

Started by panhandlesales, June 07, 2014, 09:34:35 AM

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I have a imx233-mini, and noticed from reading that r17 needs to be removed from older boards.   I see there is an r17 installed on my rev.E and am wondering if I need to remove it.



I guess we do not touch the hardware if we dont have problems with it.
So,first try it.


As far as I know the R17 issue was only for imx233 Micro boards.

The DDR signal routing on the Micro is very different due to the RAM being directly behind the CPU (and a 2 layer PCB), rather than the side-by-side layout of the Mini or Maxi, or the 4 layer PCB of the Nano.