linux image for A10s-OlinuXino-MICRO-4GB?

Started by jp, May 28, 2014, 08:45:53 AM

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I'm trying to use linux on my board.

So, I've been checking 'A10S_debian_GPIO_LAN_USB_SDs_HDMI_LCD_4G_release_2.rar' but I can't find it to download.
Could anyone help me to download it?

Thanks in advance.




Thank you for the reply.

I downloaded and tested the file from the link, 'A10S_debian_3_4_GPIO_LAN_USBs_SDs_HDMI_LCD_I2C_100KHz_TS_4G_release_4.img' as I extracted.
But, LiveSuit 1.0.5 / 1.0.9 make error message 'Image file invalid' with the image.
And PhoenixSuit 1.08 makes 'Open Firmware Failed! Couldn't Upgrade. Possible Reasones: 1.Version of the Firmware is Too Old 2.The Firmware Format is broken 3.The Firmware is Used by Other Application'.

No 3 doesn't make sense of my test.
Ans is there version issue?

Also, it's a different file name what I want to test 'A10S_debian_GPIO_LAN_USB_SDs_HDMI_LCD_4G_release_2.rar'.


Hey JP,

LiveSuit/PhoenixSuit is meant for Android. For Debian just write the image to the microSD card.

In the wiki article you might find instructions on how to write the images to microSD card. There is also information how to change the resolution (by replacing the default script inside the card with prepared one). Please refer to this wiki entry:

I wonder why you need release 2 - it had some problems and was updated. Yet you can find some instructions on how the images are built on these two links:

For last release - release 4:

For release 2:

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex